Sunday, June 11, 2017

world in rose

Have you ever looked somebody deeply in the eye and asked yourself, how one single moment can be this perfect? Not the romantic kind of perfect, more like this overwhelming feeling of having a crush on life. When a moment is so great you can’t believe it’s real. And actually you reckon casting up your eyes staring at the same white ceiling like every day, waking up and recognizing this moment was a dream. I close my eyes and breathe, wait, but I apprehend, you will be gone and I open them again and my world is still coloured in rose.

Time stands still and flies, but is always great, you are here. Really here.

You ask me what I’m thinking about. “It’s not possible you really exist’, I whisper in your shoulder. This moment feels so incredibly silent, although my heart throbs painfully loud and the bass of the music from the room next door is absolutely hearable. You are film moments, kind of this ones, you always see and think, some hopeless idiot of romantic invented trusting that somebody will take out a leaf of it and treat him this way. With you, it simply happens without trying, my world turns rose, and I know, would I be able to look you in the eyes and think clearly, my first way would lead me to the toilet to vomit.

You and I, this we seems somehow really special to me.

But I like this rose, I don’t just like it, it somehow became something like my favourite colour and sometimes I want, that this world never shows up without this kitsch filter. Everything looks so beautiful with it, a little bit enchanted, dreamy, without being na├»ve. I want a film made of our moments, without sound, without background, only we in this world toned in cotton colours. Maybe I should be afraid, run away, take to my heels and up and away, but I’m not afraid anymore, I keep my feet on the ground, up there shortly before cloud seven.

You feel like home.

And here with you, I’m home, I’m feeling free and I have to smile, without any reason, my eyes closed and my face to the sky. And I’m giving it a thought if it’s not totally overstated. If it’s not because my world is so rosy these days. But somehow …no, it simply is. With you I can always be myself, without having this feeling of having to be like. When I look for your hand you take mine. When you look for my hand I take yours. When our hands don’t look for each other, they don’t. And it doesn’t matter, because in any case it feels right.

And with you, there’s nothing to be arranged to fit.

I’m in. Putting our sunglasses on, turning on loud music and conquer the world. At least the rose one.

We can get married tonight if you really wanna
Me in a cheap suit like a sleazy lawyer
And if you break this lil' heart, it'd be an honor
troye sivan | for him

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