Hey, I’m Casey Folchard (at least on the Internet), 22 years old and live in Graz, Austria. I don’t like to focus on the serious sides of life, I love the little things, good (vegan) food, spending time with friends, travelling the world, writing, books, dancing the night away and meeting new people. As I don’t like to talk about myself, I give the floor to one of the best persons in my life:

I hardly know people who are as multifarious as Casey. If you’re walking through the autumn forest and look at the coloured leaves – in the most different colours and shapes – you might sense how colourful the character behind her lines are.
The soft shades of white and grey emphasize her gentle sides. Her manner, when she’s walking thoughtfully next to you, or the empty look, when she’s thinking about something.
The light greens mirror her creative vein. When she’s passing through her environment for hours to take pictures of trees and fields, seeing the smallest beauties in decaying things and it seems to be her fantasy is unlimited.
The yellowish turnings describe her kindness. Her sympathetic ear, available 24/7, her helping arms, when you need them and her comforting words when they’re necessary.
The yelling reds stand for the fire in her and her enjoyment of life. How she can dance until dawn, stands lauging in her kitchen baking cookies or simply enjoys life and believes in unicorns.

There are few people I’d describe with an autumn forest, but there are few people enhancing one’s life just being there.

Why you should read this blog? Because I can guarantee one thing: It won’t be boring.