Tuesday, July 18, 2017

movie tip | Gifted

“He's a good person. 

He wanted me before I was smart.”

In focus…
is the seven-year-old Mary, a highly gifted girl who understands maths better than I ever will – and I had almost only As. She’s different than other kids in her age, and that worries her father* Frank. Because she should go out, play with same aged children and invent cheers for one-eyed cat Fred. Build castles of sand on the beach, jump of swings and don’t amend older people. Mary should have a normal childhood. And attend a normal school – that’s how the story begins.

This is one of the movies, which…
are thought-provoking. One of these movies which matter, which are important in a society where more is always more and also requires more and where output often matters most. Everybody participating in our school system knows what I’m talking about. Gifted is about real life, small moments, sunsets and friendship.

It’s a movie one can cry and laugh and talk about with your friends. Who really knows, what’s best for a child? How could you know you have the right to take certain decisions? This movie asks some essential questions of life but still doesn’t lose its ease and emotionality – and the characters are great. A small movie about life and its big questions.

And somehow life is like this: You hardly ever know if your decisions are right. Most of the time you can only choose between two closed fists and you don’t know what will happen, when they’re open.

*For all of you who know the movie: Saying something different would be a spoiler.

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