Wednesday, March 8, 2017

city life.

Life is like you’re walking through the city. The steps you’re making are all the same size. But sometimes you stop at a traffic light, shifting from one foot to the other, bobbing for- and backwards, looking to the left, to the right, waiting for cars stopping by or noticing the light changing to green from the corner of your eyes. Maybe you’re deciding to choose the other crosswalk or just changing pavements.

And you still move in the same direction you originally chose, even if you switched to the other side of the street, even if you looked to the left and the right and actually never forward. Nevertheless you know where you want to go, and you walk in the same direction.

Even though you don’t really know where you are, because you were too dazed to recognize that you turned into the wrong side street. Or because you thought you’d take a cutoff and in the end you made detour. But somewhen you get that you’re wrong and turn around, maybe you go back to a point you can remember to look where you would have needed to go. Or not, and maybe you ask someone for the way. Probably this someone will think you’re a weirdo because these days smartphones have a solution for everything, but Someone will touch his forehead and show you a direction.

And you’ll walk in it.

Maybe it’s the wrong and you get lost. But it’s possible that it’s the right and soon you know the building around you and soon you know where to go.

Life is like you’re walking through the city. There are loud places with too many people. But there are also silent places where’s no other human being in sight. On some days you need the noise and on other days just the wind in the leaves above you.

Life is often tedious, exhausting, one has to work to progress, step for step, patient, when the traffic light is red and accept the detours, risk something if a cutoff comes along, ask for help when you stuck trying on your own. Often you have to immerse yourself into a bulk of people and be part of it, so you get to know other angles and sometimes you have to sit under a tree and close your eyes.

Life is a challenge. But that’s good, because it’s the only way to surpass you. Only after choosing the wrong direction, you notice where you’re right. Only after bumping into stressed people you notice how stressed you are. Only after missing the bus you now if the chance is worth the risk. Only after jumping one step back, so you don’t get hit by the tram you look left and right before you focus on you goals.

Sometimes you make small steps in life, because you’re waiting at a traffic light and the back and forth, to and fro is just pastime. But somewhen every traffic lights switches to green. And if it falls out, look, wait and then walk. Just go.

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